Why Godiva?

Our company concerns itself with assisting students from the United Kingdom and Ireland with the application process to Polish State Universities of good quality, which deliver Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in the English Language.

Please remember that our service to students is free and there is no cost whatsoever when registering with us or receiving our support throughout the application process.

The universities we deal with base their degrees on the requirements of The European Community, ensuring the ability to practise your career in any country in Europe.

Our director and chief student advisor, John Matusz, a UK citizen born and bred, has over 30 years A level teaching experience in the UK and has supported hundreds of students in gaining places at university. He is bi-lingual with Polish as his second language to complement his excellent command of the English language and is therefore eminently able to provide ongoing support and quickly deal with any issues that may arise in Poland.

Our second director, Ela Sienkiewicz, a Polish citizen with higher qualifications gained at a Polish university, has experience of College education in England in addition to having worked in the country for a number of yours.

We are very much committed to supporting students throughout their university course in Poland and are ready to help with advice about different aspects of life in Poland.