Why is worth to study in Poland?

It is very much worth considering undertaking your course in this quickly developing and modern country because of:

  • Quality Education System
  • European Standards
  • Fair entry requirements
  • Low Cost of Living
  • Reasonable fees
  • Welcoming people
  • Many attractions

Quality of education

Poland has a long tradition of university education starting back in 1364 when the famous Jagellonian University in Krakow was established and has produced many famous graduates.

This is confirmed by the demand for, and success of, Polish graduates abroad. Today's Polish universities provide an excellent education with the state universities subject to rigorous checks and controls. All our universities are part of the state system ensuring a consistent quality, and they have relevant degree programmes in English.

All our universities are personally visited by us and are always open to visits by our staff.

Courses taught in English

Our universities welcome applications from British and Irish students, and those currently living here, seeking places on degrees such as Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary medicine and Pharmacy. All our programmes are taught in English with English - speaking students coming from various parts of Europe and beyond.

Entry Requirements

The above subjects all have limited places in the United Kingdom and Ireland and, as we all know, places are very difficult to secure. There are many more qualified applicants than places available in these subjects. The requirements of our Polish universities are more realistic and hence more accessible than equivalent courses in the UK and Ireland.

This means that entry requirements are generally lower than in the UK and Ireland; there is simply less competition for these places than back home.

Godiva Education & Language Services, with their bi-lingual staff, advise and guide you through the application process.